Japan / Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni / News Stories

Boom go the fireworks!

Station residents and Japanese locals gathered to watch the Independence Day fireworks display at Penny Lake here July 5.
The fireworks, which began at 8:30 p.m. and lit up the sky until approximately 9 p.m., were set off from the flightline here and could be seen across Penny Lake, all the way to the sea wall where adults and children awed.

The show was originally slated to occur July 4 but was postponed due to inclement weather and heavy rain.

A concert featuring local bands Jalopy and Blister took place at the Club Iwakuni ballroom July 4, and also featured headliner 12 Stones courtesy of Armed Forces Entertainment.

“[Independence Day] is my favorite American holiday,” said Lt. Donald Baker, Marine Wing Support Squadron 171 chaplain. “It makes me so happy to be an American, to be serving in the military and our country is awesome. Being out here, it takes the meaning a little bit deeper because we’re serving another country while serving ours. It means a lot.”

Fireworks and entertainment for Independence Day festivities were provided by Marine Corps Community Services.

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