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IYAOYAS bully pins at Intramural Bowling Tournament

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, Japan  — Six bowling teams of four showed up to compete in the Intramural Bowling Tournament at the Strike Zone here July 10.

Aurora Rios, Chris Rios, Jason Hulette and Robert Blake formed up the winning team and called themselves

Together, the team bowled a score of 2,376, which earned them each first-place trophies.

Blake bowled 25 strikes and averaged approximately eight strikes per game, which resulted in a best individual score of 703 and an additional trophy.

The Sidewinders, a team made up of Joseph Brown, Debby Brown, Robert Figueroa and Michelle Figueroa, took second place with a combined score of 2,306.

Michelle Figureroa turned out to be the high bowler for the Sidewinders with a total of 25 strikes and an individual score of 692, which barely put her behind Blake.

The Buckeyes, a team made up of Amoy Ulette, William Chatman, Jaime Mohn and Zachary Host, took third place with a combined score of 2,171.

Mohn bowled 22 strikes overall and an individual score of 615, which made him the highest bowler on the Buckeyes team.

“The tournament went really well,” said Hulette. “I don’t bowl very often but I was looking forward to this tournament.”

Blake, on the other hand, is a regular bowler who came ready to have fun and bully some pins during the tournament.

“There was some good competition out there,” said Blake. “I had a great time.”

The tournament lasted through the afternoon as each team took its time bowling a total of three games.

The team with the most accumulated points at the end of the three games was deemed the overall winner of the tournament.

One by one, each bowler took turns trying to use skill and precision to knock down as many pins as possible.

With each turn, Blake continued to knock down all of his pins, which created consistent rows of Xs on the scoreboard and left a sense of confidence amongst a himself and his teammates.

“It came down to the last frame, and our team ended up finishing very strong,” said Blake.

The tournament was based on nine pin no-tap, where the bowler is given a strike for knocking down nine pins on the first ball and does not bowl a second spare ball.

“Some bowlers throw the ball curved, others throw the ball right down the middle,” said Hulette. “Playing this way made it fair for everyone.”

Playing by this rule evened out the playing field between bowlers of all skill levels as well as sped up the game.
“It made the tournament easier and it also made the tournament more fun,” said Hulette.

“Everyone had a great time,” said Blake. “Now, we’re just waiting for the next league to start-up.”

For more information about upcoming intramural sports events and activities, call intramural sports at 253-3067.

Originally published: Marines.mil

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