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Dragons obliterate Bad News Bears 18-2

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, Japan  — The Dragons smoked the Bad News Bears 18-2 during an intramural softball game at the main softball field here July 1.“We drew blood today, and we played strong,” said Aaron Marsh, pitcher and coach for the Dragons.

The Dragons started the first inning by scoring two runs.

Sean Regan, right center fielder for the Dragons, and Marsh both made their way around the bases to home plate to put the team in the lead 2-0.

The Dragons stayed awake and on the ready for any balls the Bad News Bears hit into the outfield.

After a double play and a quick throw to first base, the Dragons were up to bat in no time.

The Dragons kept their lead during the second inning by adding five more runs to their score.

Regan managed another infield home run by making sure to hit the ball keeping it low to the ground.

“We want to make sure we are getting a level swing when we bat,” said Nico Esparza, short stop for the Dragons. “We just try to put the ball low to the ground because we don’t want pop-ups.”

The Bad News Bears managed to score two runs during their half of the second inning but were still down by five runs.

Brandon Chew and Garrit Fox, outfielders for the Bad News Bears, both managed to score infield runs giving their team a chance to catch up.

The Dragons continued to lengthen the gap and keep the team ahead by scoring five runs during the third inning and six more runs during the fourth and final inning.

Runs were scored by Marsh, Reagan, Michael Pritchard and Ajene Webley.

The game ended with a final score of 18-2.

Players and spectators on the field stopped for a moment to render honors to their nation’s colors as the United States and Japanese flags were lowered.

Bodies froze and time stood still.

“It was pretty inspirational,” said Sellers. “It happened during the last three games we have played. It helps us stay motivated.”

The intramural softball season has gone well for the Dragons overall.

“In the beginning of the season we started rough,” said Marsh. “The more we play together, the better we get.”

In spite of a few losses, the Dragons have managed to defeat opposing teams with strong leads.

“We had a couple of games where we were down but came back,” said Reagan. “We lost one game a couple of weeks ago but we didn’t let that get in the way of our moral.”

Due to the Dragon’s fierce sportsmanship and heavy hitting, hope for a chance to win the tournament might not be far-fetched.

“Throughout the season we’ll just keep progressing and hopefully when the tournament comes, we will play well,” said Reagan.

Softball play-offs are slated to begin July 20.

For more information about upcoming games and other intramural sports events, call 253-3067.

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