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Goon Squad shuts door on Diablos, 52-46

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, Japan  — The Goon Squad added another win to their record when they defeated the Diablos 52-46 during an intramural basketball game at IronWorks Gym here June 8.The two teams battled head to head for the first few minutes of the game, alternating 2-point shots and fast-break layups.

It wasn’t long until the Goon Squad began pulling away to put themselves in a dominant lead.

Martin White, power forward for the Goon Squad, kept the defense tight under the basket, making sure to grab every rebound.

“I tried my best to keep their points off the board,” said White. “When we’re on our side of the court, I’m always hoping someone will come around so that I can pass it out to the corner for an easy shot.”

The Diablos did not let the Goon Squad’s intensity discourage them.

The Diablos bumped up their game and began closing the gap.

The Goon Squad managed to pull off a few 3-pointers as the half came to a close.

“The game got exciting for us,” said White. “We were losing our lead so we tried to shut the door on that.”

The buzzer signaled the end of the first half with the Goon Squad on top 27-13.

“The game went pretty well the first half,” said Ouimet. “We were on fire.”

The second half kicked off fiercely.

The Diablos seemed to have a new game plan and a newfound sense of motivation.

The Goon Squad played well against their tactics and applied teamwork when it seemed the Diablos were putting the pressure on the defense.

“The second half was a little tougher,” said Ouimet. “They came out stronger and put a lot of pressure on us.”

In spite of the effort put forth by the Diablos on defense, the Goon Squad maintained court vision, passed the ball to the open man and kept their team always one step ahead.

“We try to play team ball,” said White. “Sometimes we get stagnant movements, and in times like that, I try to take the ball to the hole.”

The buzzer signaled the end of the first half with the Goon Squad on top 52-46.

The Goon Squad plans to keep the intensity up as they carry out the rest of the season and head into the playoffs.

“We’re always pretty intense,” said White. “We’re always there motivating each other,” said Ouimet. “The intensity has to be there, and we always have to keep that defense up.”

The playoffs began Tuesday.

For more information about upcoming intramural sports events, call 253-3067.

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