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M.C. Perry takes home 1st in DODDS boys soccer tournament

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, Japan  — The Matthew C. Perry High School boys soccer team defeated Morrison Christian Academy 3-1 during the final game of the Department of Defense Dependent Schools Class “A” Far East Soccer Tournament at the M.C. Perry High School soccer field May 20.

Yuta Flemming, defensive middle for M.C. Perry scored the first goal of the final game.

Flemming was fouled and shot a free kick through the other team’s weak defense.

“The wall wasn’t supported so it just went in,” said Andre Bugawan, captain and striker for M.C. Perry.

Bugawan managed to score the last two goals, which crowned the team the first place winners of the soccer tournament.

“During the last goal, Cody Garner, right middle position on our team, passed the ball through and I was able to thigh it in,” said Bugawan.

The boys were already tired by the final game after having defeated Osan High School 3-1 earlier that afternoon but their intensity lasted throughout the tournament.

“The teams put up a good fight but we didn’t fall under the pressure,” said Kody Botts, right midfielder for M.C. Perry. “You just have to conserve your energy. When you play, you just give it everything you’ve got and rest later.”

Bugawan scored two out of the three goals during the semi-final match against Osan High School.

The first goal happened when the ball was kicked free across the field.

Bugawan sped to the ball and kicked it in.

The second goal was scored by Tyelor Apple, striker for M.C. Perry. Bugawan crossed the ball in from the right side of the field, and Apple dribbled the ball in for the shot.

Bugawan scored the third goal of the game with just as much ease.

“The ball went to the keeper but slipped out of his hands and went past him,” said Bugawan. “I followed through and shot the ball in.”

“I think the tournament went really well,” said Botts. “Both teams played with a lot of effort.”

For additional information about upcoming high school sports events, call 253-5448.

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