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Cable access good source for information

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, Japan  — There are numerous ways to access information about news and events aboard the station, but cable access allows service members and their families to receive all of them using one source.

NTT Communications, located on the second floor of the Marine Corps Exchange here, offers a MegaPort Intelligent Outlet that allows a hook up to a personal computer, television or radio to receive Iwakuni-specific cable networks.

The MPO cable modem, equipped with an ethernet cable outlet and two coaxial antenna prongs, is a personal modem registered to service members and civilians for individual access to Internet, cable and radio.

If the coaxial cable is hooked up to the back of a compatible stereo system, listeners can access station cable FM radio channels such as National Public Radio.

These channels cannot be accessed through something like a car stereo or a clock radio, said Staff Sgt. Dustin A. Dunk, AFN operations chief.

“You have to have an FM radio with the ability to use a coaxial antenna,” he said.

The station cable FM radio offers 13 channels which broadcast news, sports, rock music and country music, as well as a local Japanese radio station based in Hiroshima.

Those who don’t own a stereo system that is compatible with a coaxial antenna can still hook their television to the cable modem to access the radio stations.

Between songs, listeners will be able to hear announcements about upcoming local news and events.

“You’re still going to hear spots about what’s going on around the air station,” said Dunk.

“It’s all provided through the base cable system,” he said.

A registration fee of $25 and a monthly fee of $45 are required in order to apply for the base cable network. The cost of the MPO cable modem is approximately $80.

For more information about the service, visit http://www.nttmil.net/.


Originally published: Marines.mil

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